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Our Facilities

Out Patient Facility.

There are 9 consulting rooms consisting of 5 specialist consulting rooms and 4 consulting rooms with 2 separate comfortable waiting areas.

In Patient Facility.

These have been designed to ensure maximum patient comfort. There is a choice of private rooms with all facilities en-suite, semi-private rooms with 2 beds, 3-bedded wards, 4-bedded wards and a 7-bedded children’s ward. All rooms are fitted with modern amenities and are linked to the nurses’ station via an in-built nurse – call system.


The Hospital has a modern well-equipped medical laboratory that runs 24hours for essential laboratory investigations including hematology, microbiology and biochemistry and a 24 hour blood bank which is certified by Lagos State Blood Transfusion Service.

Diagnosis Imaging.

These are available within the hospital and manned by the appropriate professionally qualified personnel. They include x-ray with facilities for special investigations, 2D ultrasonography with patient viewing facilities, Electrocardiography, and 2D Echocardiography. The department is supervised by a Consultant Radiologist. Complex imaging like CT scan, MRI, Doppler studies are outsourced to a nearby diagnostic centre with which we have a retainership.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

A standard newborn intensive care unit is available within the hospital as part of the pediatrics unit. The facilities includes: Phototherapy, Incubators, Monitors, CPAP Ventilators and Oxygen concentrators.
Our Neonatal Intensive Care Services includes:

  • Care of sick newborn babies.
  • Care of pre-mature newborn babies.
  • Care of juandiced newborn babies.
  • And other newborn complications.

Theatre Room.

The theatre room is well equipped and complete with a multiparameter patient monitor, anesthetic machine, standard operating table, oxygen supply etc.

Labor Room.

The labor room and recovery room are located adjacent to the theatre room. A sluice room equipped with a modern large capacity autoclave is also available for sterilization of hospital instruments.

Digital Medical System.

The hospital is fully computerized. It uses the Hospitals’ Data Management System which enables data search, storage and retrieval of patients’ record, staff details, inventory, electronic-billing and internet services. There is a Local Area Network and Wireless Network which link all systems in the hospital.


Accredited by NHIS

Accredited by NHIS

Accredited by the Radiographers Board of Nigeria

Accredited by the Radiographers Board of Nigeria

HAFAMAA accredited

HAFAMAA accredited

About Us

Emel Hospital is a specialist hospital and pediatric center. Our facility is fully computerized and staffed with professionals to deliver excellent primary medical and specialist's services. We are a well recognized pediatric centre.

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